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Our Services

We are the perfect delivery service for businesses with frequent need for rush delivery services. We’re also just right for individuals with a one-off request. Our clients share a common characteristic of wanting to deal with a quality company that puts them first. We help our clients by doing just that. We solve our clients’ delivery problems.

Same Day Service

Standard service with same-day delivery within hours; We provide same-day service to some of the top companies in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We help people like you who have a delivery problem in need of a solution. We offer quick and easy solutions without any account set-up hassles. Order – Pay – Done.  Colissimo USA delivery is the right choice to make it happen

Rush Services

  • Rush service with immediate same-day delivery, usually within 60 minutes;

  • Routed service where shipments are picked up and delivered;

  • Handling and delivery of extra weight shipments up to the weight handled commercially;

  • Waiting or loading time where the driver will wait for the shipment or wait to deliver at the destination;

  • Saturday, Sunday & holiday pickup and delivery.

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Track your Package in Real-Time

Whether you want to track your package Colissimo USA makes tracking all kinds of shipments in the Washington Metropolitan Area (Washington, Maryland, and Virginia) an easy task. Our most advanced logistics software will give you a convenient way to keep track of all your shipments without any hassle.

Cost-effective delivery partner

ColissimoUSA is proud to be helping local companies, retailers with quick, reliable deliveries that acquires customers, and builds brand loyalty, creates supply chain flexibility, and is cost-effective.

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